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Oftentimes, staying healthy and looking attractive are one in the same. "Fear of the unknown, fear of being rejected," says Irene La Cota of dating site It's Just Lunch.The desire to attract a partner can be a strong motivating factor to watch what you eat or go to the gym every week. Studies seem to support the idea that many daters feel motivated to stay fit when in a relationship or looking to get in a relationship. While there are ways to make things less uncomfortable, even the concept of a first date leads to inevitable awkwardness.

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Largely comprised of sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this tour features locations that illustrate important events and little-known facts about Columbia's African-American community. Columbia's antebellum and Reconstruction era structures, including churches, hospitals, armories, governmental buildings and private homes offer testimony to this tumultuous chapter in our nation's history.

Read the full article MILWAUKEE -- Have you ever heard these words: It's not you, it's me? Local matchmaker Katie Schmidt with "It's Just Lunch" joins Real Milwaukee with the top five most overlooked relationship killers. You're both trying to strike a balance between making a good impression and being your authentic self.

With all this going on, of course things can be awkward."It can seem hard, maybe even impossible to avoid, but it's not.

After pinning the thoughts on the wall and reading the results, the group then began to see how SC’s thoughts matched up with what is being discovered churchwide. This exercise would be a fun process to replicate in congregations, and Rev.

Aebischer at the Synod Office (803.765.0590) can advise on how to make this happen.


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    At 16, Danny Fernandes won two consecutive Rising Star awards in the annual CNE dance contest held at Cherrytree Public School located in Brampton, Ontario, near Toronto.

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    I have high standards when it comes to choosing my mate.