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Nebraska is the place where a school teacher gave birth to Paula. CNN, ABC, WNET, CBS and Fox are certain big names with whom Paula Zahn has worked. She did many big and challenging projects with CNN. Her enthusiasm and zeal to work as journalist has helped her to won so many awards and the appreciation of critics for her work in the news industry. In her successful and long career, Paula has taken the interviews of a number of important people.

This list is long and contains the name such as Mr.

Profile of a Killer - When a beautiful young woman is found murdered in the basement of her brand new home, Police are forced to use cutting edge techniques to solve a terrifying mystery.

Final Words - A devoted mother returns home from work and finds her 17-year-old daughter has been murdered.

; Republicans Getting Hit Where It Hurts; Amish School Shooter Tortured By Past And Sexual Demons That Haunted Him • Pope Under Fire Over Islam Quote; Interview With Undersecretary of State For Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes; Crimes Still Unsolved in Anthrax Attacks; Are We Ready for Another Attack? ; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Heads to Middle East; Interview With New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; Interview With Israeli Ambassador to United Nations Dan Gillerman • U. Soldiers Charged in Death of Iraqi Civilian; Interview With Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha; 11 Members Of One Family Remove Stomachs; War Between Oprah Winfrey and World of Hip-Hop Heating Up • New York Murder Suspect Arraigned; Two Americans Survive Deadly Chile Bus Crash; President Clinton Fights For Fit Nation; Man Uses High-Tech Prosthetic Arms; Universal Dream Themes Among All Humans; Family Recalls Two Week Struggle For Survival In Snowy Woods; Couple Follows Dream • At Least 12 American Tourists Die in Chile Bus Accident; Police Continue Search For Two Missing Milwaukee Boys; Parkinson's Disease Medication Linked to Compulsive Behavior?

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In The Trenches Battling Racism In America: There Are Those Who are Winning Hearts, Minds, Changing Our Ways • Defense Secretary Nominee Robert Gates Faces Confirmation Hearings In Senate; 15 Years After Fall Of Communism Russia's New Super-Secret Spy Agency May Pose Threat; Hip-Hop Star Sounding Off About Queen Of Daytime TV; Search Continues For Missing Father In Oregon Wilderness; Dangerous Postpartum Psychosis • Former Congressman Mark Foley Admits He's Gay And Was Molested By Clergyman; Many Conservatives Say GOP Leaders Put Politics Over Morality; Is Rehab A Refuge For Famous Names In Trouble? Embassy in Damascus; Azzam the American Increasingly Appears To Be Serving As American Voice of al Qaeda; Some Believe U. Forces Losing Ground In Fight Against Taliban in Afghanistan; Internet Film Called "Loose Change" Challenging Official Version of 9/11; Osama bin Laden's Last Known Address • President Bush Urges Quick U. Action to End Mideast Fighting; On Patrol With the Israeli Defense Forces; Interview With Israeli Ambassador to United Nations Dan Gillerman; Madonna Offends Christians • Eight Israeli Soldiers Killed in Renewed Fighting With Hezbollah; Investigation Into U. Deaths in Lebanon Continues; Interview With Assistant Secretary of State Kristen Silverberg; Andrea Yates Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity • Full-Scale Invasion of Lebanon Imminent?• Carlie Brucia's Killer Receives Death Penalty; President Bush's Approval Ratings Continue Downward Trend; "Manorexia" Fairly Common; Colorado Man Uses Dummy To Drive In HOV Lane; Ferrari Wrecked In Classic Hollywood Story Of Intrigue • Police Confrontations Caught on Tape; Three Students Arrested in Alabama Church Arson Case; President Bush Visits Gulf Coast; Forensic Teams Work on St.Guillen Case; New Show about Racial Divide • Could Stunning New Revelation Sink Port Security Deal?In the space of 14 months, the family was managing four active cases of cancer.Of the four, only Paula’s mother, Betty, would survive. “I think any of us who have been exposed to cancer in our families share a strong bond.Match those qualities with the tragedy of the multiple cancer diagnoses that have stricken Paula’s family, and the result is a recipe for a dedicated and passionate advocate who has taken on cancer as perhaps the greatest challenge in her life.


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