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An in-house bot that runs on an organization’s system can be set up on a private, encrypted channel, but if an organization wishes to deploy a chatbot on a public channel such as Facebook Messenger, it’s at the mercy of that platform’s security capabilities.While Facebook is testing end-to-end encryption for its Messenger platform, the feature is still in beta and isn’t widely available.And yeah, I’ve got someone who’s achieved a lot coming into this interview. But I also want to know where he thinks chatbots are going. I often listen to podcasts and just look around to see what other people are doing on their phones.I think he’s got the largest platform for creating chatbots. And as I look around, I see a lot of people chatting, often using chat apps that I don’t recognize, maybe because they’ve got skins on them or maybe because I don’t use every chat app, but I can’t help notice that chat is one of the most popular app types out there.

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Google Translate moves meaning from one human language to the interlingua, and then translates the interlingua into the target language.

Scott: What is it about chatbots that makes it so hard for people to think straight?

Is the urge to pontificate about our robot-ruled future so overwhelming, that people literally can’t see the unimpressiveness of what’s right in front of them?

Click it.” So, I tap the link and a full blown Uber app opened up inside the chat.

To me, the exciting thing about chat is not just that it’s so freaking popular, but also that now it’s becoming a platform for other apps and other experiences, kind of like the way that my Mac here became a platform for software, my web browser became a platform for software, my i Phone became a platform for software. Chatfuel is a company, a platform, actually, that allows you to build a full featured chatbot in less than seven minutes.


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