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Chowdhry said that a reoccurring problem for many Christian families from Pakistan, India, and other South Asian countries who have arranged for their sons or daughters to be married to suitors in America or the United Kingdom through other websites is that they have often been mislead by suitors."We have heard of this before, especially when we are talking about Pakistani Christians.On Facebook, for instance, when people are finding potential partners, we have heard some very awful stories about how girls have been married and when they went to America or Britain and they found that the experience is not what it was expected to be and the husband isn't actually Christian," Chowdhry said. It has happened several times." As the website allows suitors to list the churches they attend and their roles with church ministries, the website will give the parents and suitors the ability to request church background checks on potential suitors.Upon request the of the parent or suitor, Chowdhry said that vetted website officials will call the churches and pastors to verify that the suitors attend those churches and are actually involved in helping the ministries.Online matchmaking sites allow you to specify who and what you’re looking for. Online dating helps you focus your dating search and, depending on your preferences, can introduce you to Indians in your neighborhood and around the world.Indian Dating: State Your Intentions With arranged marriage, intentions are very clear.This clarity often extends into Indian dating, with men stating their intentions, but don’t assume this will be automatic.

These are often similar to those used when ​​speaking about romantic relationships.

"Often the procedure for an arranged marriage is for one parent to talk to another set of parents without any meeting of the children," BPCA President Wilson Chowdhry told The Christian Post, recalling that his wife's parents wouldn't even let him come near their daughter until after their arranged engagement.

"There were so many questions I had about my wife [before our engagement] and a site like this provides more opportunity for a more strategic overview, especially for that potential husband or wife that will be the most slighted in the whole process," he added. It is the suitors that are the most terrified in these situations." Chowdhry explained that the website will give advice on how to conduct initial meetings and suggested meeting places.

Casual dating, sex, marriage and family are all issues that can quickly determine the direction — and potential success — of a relationship.

Historically, women had little say in their own matrimonial destinies.


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